Pampering your hair

January 06, 2021

Pampering your hair

A good conditioner can strengthen damaged hair and keep healthy hair from getting damaged. Although conditioner adds moisture and protein it can not repair hair that has already been damaged.  It can however stop the abuse along the way. 

Type 4 hair, aside from you regular conditioning you need to include a deep conditioning treatment to strengthen your kinks.  This will prevent your hair from breaking under pressure. Natural-istas you will need to deep condition twice a month. If you have relaxed or color treated hair ensure to use a reconstructive conditioner for strengthening. Your conditioner ingredients should include protein and lanolin, which in its natural state it contains 25-30% water by weight. It penetrates skin cells trapping much needed water.

Type 3 hair, depending on how damaged your hair may be you would need to deep condition your coils one to two times a month. When doing so use a heat source of your choice to penetrate the conditioner. You could use a hooded dryer with a plastic bag, or run hot water over a towel, wrapping it around your hair and head for 20 minutes.  A lot of type 3 hair women use a leave in conditioner with a lightweight styling gel.  There is a little gem I picked up from Andre Talks Hair and thats the option to use lotion! He mentioned how many of the ingredients are identical to hair creams such as aloe vera, wheat, protein, glycerin and vitamin E.

I know what your thinking, let me go and prepare my hot oil treatments once a month - myth* people think hot oil treatments moisturize the hair.* Sorry ladies, they do not! Facts, oil and water do not mix but they do lubricate the hair making it lighter, softer and shinier. Just do not get this confused with moisturizing the hair.


xo, Mitsu

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