Pampering your hair

January 06, 2021

Pampering your hair

Shampoo, talk about a love hate relationship. Personally, I choose the direction that is of least resistant, a wash and go or a wash and make it lasts long as it can.

Lets get into it..

Shampooing is important for all hair types. Growing up I'm sure you have heard the myth "daily washing will dry your hair out, or make it oilier."  In fact, daily shampooing actually returns moisture to the hair and cleanse out any old styling products or build up on the scalp which prevents vital nutrients. Moisture is key but we will touch on that next post. How frequent you need to shampoo ultimately depends on your texture and how you style it.

Type 4

 Type 4 hair, you have a natural oily scalp. Have you ever felt like your hair seems to always looks and feel dry? And in most times you end up oiling the scalp even more creating a vicious cycle of clogging the pours? This is due to the hairs’ coils preventing nutrients from the scalp distributing evenly throughout the hair.  The key is extra moisture, NOT OIL!  Wash your hair at least one to two times weekly with a good protein-based shampoo. Your hair is made up of proteins such as shea butter, glycerin sulfur or carotene with adding more of these it will strengthen and build elasticity in the hair shaft.

Type 3

Type 3 hair you need to stay as moist as possible because when it dries out, it begins to break. I would suggest washing every 3 days with a moisturizing shampoo but rinsed DAILY to keep the curls springing back after a night of sleeping. When shampooing your hair type, make sure not to pile hair on top of the head but more so lather and massage your scalp leaving your hair to fall behind you. If your wearing a blow out, you might find that it appears to get oilier faster. If so, just ensure to shampoo more frequently.

Washing with short hair, braids & dreads

Natural-Iista's shorter hair can be shampooed daily, braids and dreads wash them as you normally would making sure to pay attention to the scalp. All hair types benefit from a good "clarifying shampoo" which is like a curly hair girls reset  every 6 weeks to remove buildup and return shine and life to hair.

Co-wash & Clarifying shampoo

Many naturals like to co-wash which is fine if you’re washing your hair multiple times in a week. However, if you are constantly adding conditioner and moisturizing creams and oils to your hair and you never clarify your hair then those oils and conditioners are just being layered on top of each other.  If you want moisture to get into the follicle, the best thing to do is to remove the build up on a regular basis.

To have great looking curls you do not need to spend a ridiculous amount of time or money on your hair. The amount of time you spend depends if you are working against your natural hair pattern. 

xo, Mitsu

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