More Moisture

January 06, 2021

More Moisture

Let’s be honest, when people told me "add more moisture" I automatically assumed hot oil treatments or more products with butter bases.

 “Hot oil treatments moisturize the hair”

MYTH #1 !...Sorry ladies, they do not. Oil and water do not mix BUT they do lubricate the hair making it lighter softer and shinier. Let's not get this confused with moisturizing the hair. One of our biggest issues in the natural hair care world is lack of moisture along with combatting dry brittle hair. We are going to talk about some common concerns I had when trying to properly moisturize my hair.


Let's define moisturizing your hair. 

Moisture to your hair comes in the form of a liquid or a leave-in.

This liquid can be one of three options

1. Water

2. A leave in conditioner

3. A moisturizing product that has water as the first (or second) ingredient. 

Throughout this post, we will always wrap back around to the main source being WATER. It is the ultimate moisturizer. Internally and externally! Per my previous blog, shampooing adds the ultimate moisture why, because your wetting your hair.

I know what your thinking, water? How? Water makes my hair dry and frizzy. As long as you seal it with a product that you can use daily, you will be fine-- we will get to products next. For now, lets stay on the education of moisture.  


A quick, basic & easy way to capture moisture instantly

You can begin with the basics, look for a body lotion that contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, wheat protein, glycerin and vitamin E. Yes, I said it, lotion (a dab here and there ladies, just a dab). I learned this trick way back when my budget was super tight! If it moisturizes your skin then there is nothing wrong with moisturizing your hair as well. 

Don’t believe the “hype”

Many of the same ingredients that are found in those budget busting products are  made with the same basic ingredients as our daily care for our body. Our hair is a form of our body.


Hair health/growth is a reflection of your physical body health

Like the saying goes you are what you eat. This may seem obvious, but yes, healthy hair truly does start from within.  

When your body starts to lose more fluids than you take in it becomes dehydrated. Naturally so, your hair is the same way; when a person is suffering from dehydration, hardly any of their water supply is getting to their hair. Moisture is essential to hair growth. When your water supply is too low your body begins to disperse water first to the most vital organs (your heart and brain) leaving rations for everything else. If your noticing extra dry scalp or brittle ends, try increasing your water intake along with moisturizing ingredients.  


Here's what you can you do to increase your water intake

Eat your hydration! Nom, Nom, Nom..

People have always told me you need to drink XYZ ounces of water a day but personally; that doesn’t work for me. I feel bloated or nauseas.

Let's discuss healthy hydration, it is primarily about the water you hold in the body, not the water you drink that passes straight through. Drinking too much water can deplete your body of vitamins and minerals especially if they are just flushed out of the body too quickly. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with drinking water, but if your like me and struggle with getting it into your cells and keeping it there, it goes without doing any good.

Instead of pressuring yourself to consume large amounts of water, you can increase your water intake by eating water-rich foods. Eating water-rich foods, you absorb water more slowly because it is trapped in the structure of the foods. This means the water in food stays in your body longer, and brings additional “hair” benefits.  Fun fact, fruit and vegetables can hydrate the body twice as effectively as a glass of water. Ha, take that you water guzzlers.

Here are my top 10 Favorite water-rich foods and their water content:

  1. Lettuce 96%
  2. Cucumbers 95%
  3. Celery 95%
  4. Watermelon 92%
  5. Broth & soup 92%
  6. Cabbage 92%
  7. Strawberries 91%
  8. Peaches 89%
  9. Oranges 88%
  10. Grapefruit 88%

Add these into your everyday diet and notice a change not only in your hair but skin as well.

OKAY! Lets get back to hair..

Thicker, kinky and coily hair is naturally dryer than straight or loose wavy hair. The natural oils on your scalp have to work harder to get down the hair shaft.  Keep in mind those favorite you-tubers or influencers you love to follow, who use and advertise those budget busting products and appear to have the same exact type hair as you routines may fail on your own tresses. Everything is individually and personally wrapped with trial and error.  Just keep it basic in the beginning until you find something you can't live (use) without.

If you want MORE moisture to get into the hair follicle, the best thing to do is to remove the build up on a regular basis click over to my shampoo & condition post. Phew, take a moment reread through the content and really begin to understand your health and hair benefits.  All of this is imperative to building your foundation for your natural healthy hair lifestyle.


xo, Mitsu


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