Ingredients in your hair products

January 06, 2021

Ingredients in your hair products

One thing I never understood was what is the difference between all these shampoo products. They all lather up, some more than the other, they all are designed to wash away dirt and grime. Some leaving the scalp itchy and others leaving your hair coils dry. I also noticed some leave you with a squeaky clean sound and the other leaves you with polished shiny coils.  

You ever washed your hair and squeezed your coils dry from excess water and heard the squeaky sound as your coils bounced back from your palms. Well I’ve learned that squeaky clean sound that I loved to hear so much was actually not as good to my coils as it was to my ears. 

The base of these products are sulfate and alcohol. Some natural oil is beneficial for your hair in terms of moisture. When you use these bubbly lathered shampoos their main ingredient; sulfate, strips the hair of its natural oils and moisture making it nearly impossible to have healthy and beautiful hair overtime.  

 Alcohol based products helps with styling. Your style lasts longer and remain bacteria free however it may also dry out your hairs' natural oils. This ingredient is most popular as a volumizing aid because it steals moisture to create bigger fuller hair. A good solution is to look for products with natural preservatives and switch out gels and hairspray for organic options.

 Get to know your hair, understand its foundation. If you want to use sulfate free shampoo, make sure you monitor oiliness. If you want to use shampoos with sulfates make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment regularly. The products you use typically depends on how your natural hair will react. If you have excessively oily hair, sulfates may not be a problem and potentially beneficial. If you have dry and frizzy hair try looking into sulfate/alcohol free shampoo to build up the necessary natural oils your hair needs.

A good tip for all my naturalistas who are transitioning, add an extra wash and a leave in conditioner.




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